Top 5 Audio Equalizer Chrome Extensions in 2024

Give your device a boost with the best audio equalizer for Chrome! You could be listening to your favourite kind of music, but without the right audio quality, your listening experience may not be that great. Whether the problem is with your device’s audio or you want to customize the audio as per your taste, you can achieve the desired results. You can increase the volume and boost the bass with the help of an extension. All you need is an audio equalizer Chrome extension, and you can tweak any audio or music accordingly. If you read down further, you will find some of the popular picks in 2024 and their unique features.

Top 5 Audio Equalizer Chrome Extensions in 2024

Below are some of the best extensions for customising your audio experience. You can download the audio equalizer extension from the Chrome web store or by clicking on the given link. Read on further for more details and find the right fit for your browser. Top Equalizer Extensions  Link
1. Audio Equalizer Plus
2. Audio Equalizer
3. Equalizer for Chrome Browser
4. Equalizer Plus
5. Web Sound Equalizer

Features to Look Out for in an Audio Equalizer

When searching for an audio equalizer, you will find several options available on the web store. However, not all are satisfactory, and some may even disappoint you due to the lack of the necessary features. But worry not because we’ve listed the features to look out for when downloading an audio equalizer for Chrome.

  • Free to download and use on your browser
  • Provides users with presets of different music genres
  • Allows users to create a surround sound effect
  • Increase the bass and boost the volume
  • Reset button to undo all the changes and set it back to factory settings

1. Audio Equalizer Plus

The Audio Equalizer Plus lets users add their own personal touch to their music listening experience. It comes with a volume booster that lets you increase the volume way past the normal setting of your device. If you’re not happy with your device volume, then Audio Equaliser Plus is a great way to give your sound system a boost. It also has several other features, such as the bass booster, that add depth and power to your music. You can download the extension from the Chrome web store. This audio equalizer Chrome extension is a great choice for users looking for a free extension for Chrome in 2024.


  • Can save settings as default
  • Optimise sound for small speakers
  • Several music genres presets are available

2. Audio Equalizer

The Audio Equalizer is a very lightweight extension for your Chrome browser. Whether you want to tweak your audio or play around with different music settings, the audio equaliser lets you do just that. There are several presents available like pop, club, soft rock dance, club and many more formats to choose from. You can also create your own preset and save it for later use. For users with hearing problems or who are hard of hearing in one ear, the mono feature in the extension aids with listening. This extension is completely free to use, and users can change their settings from the toolbar popup.


  • Can adjust a wide set of frequency range
  • The reset button changes everything back to the factory setting
  • Comes with a preamplifier feature

3. Equalizer for Chrome Browser

The Equalizer for Chrome Browser is an extension that allows you to adjust the frequency of audio with the ten-band equalizer. It offers various sound settings that let you improve the sound quality. With the right settings, you can smooth out the sound to remove disturbances in the audio. You can remove the high-frequency buzz that you often hear in audio and edit it to your liking. Other features of this extension include a bass booster and volume booster, as well as the creation of a surround sound effect. This extension also acts as an audio equalizer for YouTube and other streaming channels.


  • It comes with 21 presets for different genres of music.
  • Low CPU usage while running
  • Reduces high frequency, makes audio smooth

4. Equalizer Plus

Get the Equaliser Plus Chrome extension for your browser and customise audio and music as you wish. The extension offers users popular presets that they can use for quick adjustments. With powerful features like the Volume Dynamics Compressor, you can fine-tune the volume to the perfect setting. It also comes with mono and stereo modes that you can switch between back and forth. If you prefer a more immersive listening experience, turn on the stereo mode. If you wish to listen to music exactly the way the producer intended, then you can switch to mono mode.


  • Up to 400% volume boost with audio equalizer extension
  • Customise and save the setting as the default
  • Set different audio settings for different tabs

5. Web Sound Equalizer

Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with the Web Sound Equalizer. It has a powerful bass booster, volume master and other useful tools for customising any audio and music. You can balance out the treble, bass and midrange to create perfectly harmonious music. The extension has special settings for YouTube. You can tune or adjust the YouTube audio however you wish. This lightweight extension does not slow down your browser when in use and also seamlessly integrates with your browser.


  • Headphone amplifier feature
  • Can adjust the pitch and reverb
  • Create clearer sound audio


You no longer have to put up with low-quality audio or music on your device. Instead, get an audio equalizer extension for your browser and enhance your music listening experience. Most audio equalizer extensions are free to download and use. With the help of an equalizer extension, you can boost the volume and the bass. Users can also select different modes, such as stereo mode and mono mode, for an immersive listening experience. These extensions are lightweight, do not slow down your browsers and improve your audio experience like no other.


Q1. What is the best audio equalizer Chrome extension?

Ans. Some of the best audio equalizer extensions include Audio Equalizer Plus, Web Sound Equalizer, Audio Equalizer, Equalizer for Chrome Browser and Equalizer Plus.

Q2. Is the audio equalizer extension free to use?

Ans. Yes, the audio equalizer extension is free to download and use. To download the audio equalizer extension for free, visit the Google Chrome web store.

Q3. Which is the best audio equalizer extension to balance treble?

Ans. Web Sound Equalizer is the best audio equalizer extension for balancing treble.

Q4. What are some features to look out for in an audio equalizer for YouTube?

Ans. Features such as volume booster and bass booster are some of the basic features you should look for in an audio equalizer for YouTube. Additional features like frequency, preamplifier, treble, stereo and mono modes can also help you customize the audio.

Q5. Which audio equalizer extension should I use to adjust the audio frequency?

Ans. The Equalizer for Chrome Browser is a free extension that allows you to modify the audio frequency. You can set the frequency to high or low or even balance it out.

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