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List of 5 Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extension in 2024

You may have heard of this phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Digitally speaking, a screen recording or a screenshot of your screen can convey a message better than text. There are several screen-recording extensions and other screen-capturing tools that can come in handy. Moreover, you can also share the screen recordings with your friends or colleagues for a more interactive session. Users can also record their web sessions to create content or record something useful on the screen with the help of a screen recorder Chrome extension.

Top 5 Screen Recorder Extensions in 2024

A screen recorder Chrome extension enables users to effortlessly capture their web sessions and screen activity with ease. It is useful to record tutorials, demos and other important video recordings. There are several types of screen recording extensions available on the Chrome web store, and most of them are free to use. But we’ve simplified the task for you and compiled a list of the best-rated screen recorder extensions for Chrome. Here are the five top-rated free screen recorder extensions:

Serial No. List of screen recorder extension
1. Fluvid Screen Recorder
2. Vimeo Record
3. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder
4. Loom – Screen Recorder & Screen Capture
5. Real Screen Recorder

Features of a good screen recording extension

There are a lot of extensions available on the Google Chrome web store, but how do you know which one works the best? There are certain features one should look out for when selecting a free screen recorder extension. A convenient and versatile screen recorder extension should have more than one of the following features:

  • Allows the capture of a selected area of the screen,
  • It lets users capture webcam videos and audio.
  • Shows users the cursor and keystrokes on the recorded videos
  • Records high-quality audio: audio clarity and other audio tools should be available.
  • Allows editing on video recordings: cutting and trimming videos or allows merging of two different videos.
  • Enables users to save videos in different formats such as mp3,mp4 and others.
  • You can share the recorded videos on different platforms, such as social media and emails.

Free screen recorder extension

1. Fluvid Screen Recorder

Fluvid, is an all-in-one screen recorder extension for Chrome, using which users can record, edit and share their videos through social media and other channels. Moreover, it is also a streaming platform. With this extension, users can see the total number of views on a recorded video, and it is free to use. Users can record live-streaming videos and ensure that all the necessary details are captured. Fluvid Screen Recorder is compatible with all operating systems.


  • Users can password-protect their screen recordings.
  • Add titles, descriptions, and tags to your videos.
  • A user-friendly dashboard that lets you manage and view videos.
  • Allows users to add custom thumbnails on videos
  • Download videos in mp4 format, which makes it easier to post on any video platform.
  • Get to know who viewed your videos.

2. Vimeo Record

Vimeo Record is a screen recorder Google Chrome extension that lets you record the screen at a quick pace, which you can also share as a video message. Share your screen recordings with your friends or colleagues and create demo videos, feedback videos or session videos. It is a top screen recorder extension for Chrome and has a variety of tools to organize and manage your videos.


  • Access free services on the Vimeo screen recorder.
  • Provide more context with a video message and deliver the message in a fraction of the time.
  • Record tutorials, demos, and presentations for customers and team members for a better understanding of the topic.
  • Record feedback videos and add comments or tag your colleagues on them.
  • Set permissions so anyone with folder access can view the content.

3. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder enables users to record their screen and capture screenshots. It is a free screen recorder extension, which makes it easier for users to share screen recordings. It can be used to crop, rotate or resize the screenshots, and its compelling features make it a multipurpose extension that can perform several other functions.


  • Save screenshots in multiple formats such as PNG, GIF, JPG and BMP formats.
  • Animate pictures with built-in animation tools available with the extension.
  • Create a picture collage and edit the video using the cutter and trimmer function.
  • Merge different video clips and share them on Facebook and Dropbox.
  • Sort icons and split a video into smaller clips.

4. Loom – Screen Recorder & Screen Capture

Loom is a free screen recorder extension that allows users to record and share their display videos. The recorded videos are automatically saved on Loom’s cloud storage, making it easy for colleagues to collaborate with each other. It allows users to share their recorded videos instead of scheduling real-time meetings. Moreover, with Loom, users can create tutorials and training videos in a short time span.


    • Users can blur the backgrounds or choose their own background image while recording the webcam videos.
    • Its features allow users to leave timestamped comments and emojis on videos.
    • Allow video transcription and create closed captions.
    • It can record screens, webcams, microphones, and internal audio.
    • Allow users to download video recordings to the camera roll.

5. Real screen recorder

Real Screen Recorder is a simple and easy-to-use extension. It is a screen recorder extension for Chrome users that records the screen and generates a sharable link. Users can record high-quality videos and audio from the screen and the webcam. Overall, the Real Screen Recorder is an extension that will help improve overall productivity and save all your recordings in one place for more organised storage.


  • Record screen and webcam together
  • Record audio and video simultaneously
  • No watermarks
  • User-friendly interface for beginners

Get popular screen recorders for your device!

After reading about the amazing benefits of these extensions, many must be wondering how to download and install these extensions. The installation process is quite simple and does not require too much work. Users can install a screen recorder extension for Chrome by following the instructions below

  • Users can click on the extension link or open the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension.
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome button” and wait for the extension to download
  • Once downloaded, click on the extension icon next to the address bar
  • Select the necessary preferences, and the extension starts working automatically


There’s no doubt that using a screen recorder extension for Chrome is beneficial and increases your productivity. Whether you’re a content creator or a working professional, these extensions can help you improve your content. Users can record their screen activity, edit the recorded videos and share them on various social media platforms. These versatile extensions enable users to trim the videos and merge two different videos together, making it an effective tool for creating quality video content.

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