Top 5 AI Music Generators of 2024: Revolutionizing the Future of Music

Dance to the tunes generated by AI! Yes, that’s right! With the recent advancements in AI, this new technology is slowly making its way into the music industry. So what does that mean? Will AI replace human artists in the music industry? Well, the answer is no. AI is not here to replace the artist but rather aid them in creating new soundtracks and melodies. It is here to help experienced artists and beginners to automate their workflow. There are a few AI music generators that can generate new tunes and are perfect for beginners. Read on to learn more about these tools and how they can help an upcoming music artist create a soundtrack!

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Top 5 AI Music Generators of 2024: Revolutionizing the Future of Music

Now, if you are wondering if the AI music generator only helps musicians, then that’s not all! An AI music generator can help music artists, creators, filmmakers and sound/voice artists. You can even generate music from images and vice versa. So check out the table below, where we have shared our top 5 picks that you’ll certainly have fun trying out!

Sno. Best AI Music Generators
1 Boomy
2 Melobytes
3 Mubert AI
5 Soundraw


1. Boomy

Boomy is one of the top AI music generators for users with no prior music experience. If you want to create something completely new, you can do so by providing some inputs. It’ll process these inputs and generate a unique track as per your request. Before you get to use this tool, you need to sign up and create an account. Then you need to choose the genre that you want, and it can be techno, EDM, LoFi or any other. You can further customize this by choosing a style and then in 20 seconds you have a groovy tune ready for a listen. The audio quality is great and you’ll feel like it was created by a professional.


  • Can reshuffle and rearrange parts of the music
  • Wide range of genres to choose from
  • Ability to submit tracks on streaming platforms

2. Melobytes

The second AI tool on our list is interesting as it can generate music from images. Melobytes can recognize shapes, objects, colours and texts in your image and generate a song for you. To use this tool, you need to upload an image on to this tool, which may take a couple of minutes, depending on the size of the image. Once your image is uploaded, it will generate a unique soundtrack, which you can either download or ask AI to create another soundtrack. The tool has several fine-tuning options which you can use to polish the final outcome. With Melobytes, you can also share these tracks with your friends.


  • Can save music in the form of MIDI file
  • Has advanced editing tools
  • Allows you to collaborate with other users

 3. Mubert AI

There’s no other music generation platform that offers as many customization options as Mubert AI. This AI tool has a very simple UI, which makes it easy for beginners. You can get started right away by choosing an existing track or creating a new track. You can also create royalty-free music for developers, creators, and other artists. This means that others can use your music for free but you can set some restrictions with its use. Mubert also happens to be one of the fastest AI tools that create music within 30 seconds. While creating music, you can adjust the mood and tempo to create a very specific genre of music.


  • Creates content for versatile fields
  • Produces royalty-free music
  • Generate music with a text input

4. is another great tool that allows users to generate music and customise it according to a specific genre. The main feature of this tool is its AI music generation from texts. Just tell the AI what type of music you want to create, and it will get the job done for you. Another interesting feature is the custom voice creation for your songs. You can clone any popular music artist’s voice, and it will play your song in that particular artist’s voice. Once you enter your text explaining what you want, hit the generate button, and your track will be ready. However, you only get a limited number of voice clone trials with this tool.


  • Accurate voice modifier features
  • Access to pre-made vocals
  • Generous free trial with no credit card sign-ups

5. Soundraw

Soundraw is one of the best music generators in 2024 and also a popular tool in the creative community. The entire music creating process is very simple and doesn’t require you to sign up or anything. You can visit the website and choose the length, tempo and genre that you want to create. Once it is done generating the piece, you can use it as background music for your podcasts, games or videos. Oh! And you can create an unlimited number of songs and tracks as there is no specific limit to it. If you have any favourites, then you have the option to bookmark and access them easily at a later date.


  • Can download files in .wav format
  • Free to use but not free to download
  • Can make easy edits to the song

How is AI Revolutionizing Music?

The use of AI is not just limited to e-commerce and social media. AI has the ability to make its way in almost every field that we can think of. So, how can we leave behind the music industry? AI can help music composers and producers in many ways, and these are not limited to just one task. Here are some cool perks of using AI to create music:

  • Music automation- AI can help you automate the music production process, for example, the recording process
  • Faster music creation- With AI music generation, you can create background music and tracks a lot faster and more efficiently.
  • Personalisation- From a listener’s perspective, AI can generate a more personalised songs according to their music taste.
  • Beginner-friendly—If you are a beginner and don’t know how to operate complex music-producing equipment, AI can simplify the process.
  • Cost Effective- AI music generators can make the entire song production process budget-friendly as you won’t need any costly instruments.
  • Data Analysis- AI can help producers analyse industry trends and help create more engaging content and soundtracks


Music is something that we all listen to and can’t live without. It can easily uplift our moods and turn a boring environment into a lively one. Whether you’re a professional music artist or a novice in the industry, AI can help you get started. Be it producing a soundtrack for a movie or creating a voice effect for a video, an AI music generation platform can simplify your task. In fact, there are some really good AI tools that can generate music from texts and even images. Just type in the prompt, and voila!; you have your own soundtrack ready in just a matter of seconds!


Q1. What are some of the best AI music generators in 2024 that I should know of?

Ans. Melobytes, Soundraw, Mubert AI, Boomy and are the top 5 AI music generators in 2024.

Q2. Are AI music generators free of cost?

Ans. Some AI music generation platforms offer users a free trial. Whereas other platforms usually require you to pay if you wish to download the music track.

Q3. Can AI tools convert images to music?

Ans. Yes, Some AI tools can generate music from images. For example, Melobytes is an AI tool that can analyse an object, shape, colour, or image and produce a soundtrack.

Q4. If I produce music through an AI tool, will it be copyrighted?

Ans. If the music is completely produced by AI then it won’t be copyrighted. However, if a person is actively involved in the music production along with AI then it could be copyrighted.

Q5. Which AI tool should I use if I want to clone a music artist’s voice?

Ans. is an AI tool that can clone a popular artist’s voice and use their voice in your songs. Its AI voice modification tool works accurately.

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